Michael S. Manley

This is my kind of project: Every Star Trek Book Ever

I’d forgotten all about this little project from two of my favorite comics artists: “I’m Sellin’ Folks A Dream”: Alan Moore and Bill Sienkiewicz’s ‘Brought To Light’

This apparently passes for capitalist humor these days: Should Uber Buy Crossfit to Become a Health and Transportation Powerhouse. Not exactly Jonathan Swift territory there, Forbes.

More recommended comics reading: The Once-in-a-Century Pandemic: “We’re repeating a lot of the same mistakes from the 1918 ‘Spanish Flu’ H1N1 outbreak.”

Today’s recommended reading: A Comic Strip Tour Of The Wild World Of Pandemic Modeling: “All models are wrong. It’s striving to make them less wrong and useful in the moment.”

This is the best news about upcoming TV I’ve seen in a while: Hulu Has Ordered a Pilot for Nnedi Okorafor’s Binti Series, Penned by the Author. Also, there’s a new story. Recommended reading.

If you really want to help, wash your hands, cover your mouth, & share good information: Don’t Panic: The comprehensive Ars Technica guide to the coronavirus

Today’s recommended comics reading: Carlo Collodi’s Pinocchio by KC Green (the “This is Fine” cartoonist). If all you’ve ever known is the Disney version, you might like to see just how weird the original story was.

Today’s recommended comics reading: Epidemic. “Malevolent and incompetent” barely scratches the surface.

Today’s recommended reading: Something is Happening to Norway – more excellent publication design in the service of climate change journalism.

After I dunno how many years, I switched from the low bit-rate podcast of 2600 Off the Hook (🐦 @HackerRadioShow) to the full bit-rate version. I’ve made a terrible mistake.

Freelance front-end devs: I have a potential contract gig for someone to help do some ADA-compliance work for a company in Chicago. Existing site has already been given an accessibility audit & there’s a punch list of things to do. If you’re interested, contact me by email.

For the last five years, my wife and I have attended this workshop, and it truly has changed my life. Feel free to ask me anything about it: Wildacres Writers Workshop

My dad might haunt me for promoting anything Audubon (he never liked that Audubon killed and taxidermied the birds he painted), but this is a well-designed page, graphically and informationally: Your Guide to Climate Action

My awesome niece: “I want to see the look on the guys’ faces when they realize we can throw stuff.” Meet The Humboldt Park Gators Chicago’s Only All-Girls Baseball Team

This seems just a little bit off today, unless there’s a different temperature unit in our current dystopia.

Every day, it seems, there’s more evidence that William Gibson was dead on when he said “the street finds its own uses for things.” Kids are swapping AirPods in class then using text to speech to ‘talk’ without talking

Oh, so that’s how it’s gonna be, 2020? Beloved ‘Great British Bake Off’ Host Sandi Toksvig Is Leaving the Show

What appears to contain the cover painting of every paperback I read in high school: Space Colony Art from the 1970s

Today’s recommended reading: BIG by Matt Stoller, a newsletter about “the politics of monopoly.” Fascinating look at the consequences of late-stage capitalism.

Recommended reading: The Informant, a “publication about hate and extremism in America,” written and edited by Nick R. Martin, shines some light where it is needed most. 📚

Nurse Rembert taking care of his sick bubba.

Another favorite in my list of old-fashioned, obsessive blogs: Hardboiled Wonderland

The “30 Days Has Noirvember” series there has been a wonderfully deep dive into noir movies that should keep us busy for months.

This may be my favorite celebrity-as-hardcore-nerd news ever, beating out Vin Diesel as a D&Der: I am railing: Sir Rod Stewart reveals his epic model railway city

“[A] flat-Earth conference is invariably also a gathering of anti-vaxxers, 9/11 truthers and Illuminati subscribers, to name a few.” What a surprise.