Michael S. Manley

Hearing of Louise Glück’s Nobel Prize, I recalled an anthology of contemporary poets from an undergrad creative writing course, and a misremembered poem (I guess not hers) about a horse taking a piss. Trying to find that poem online has permanently ruined my search history.

I helped @CREDOMobile decide how to donate $150,000 this month among 3 amazing progressive organizations. You can too at https://bit.ly/2N7XKpe.

My very first concert: 1984, Roberts Stadium, Evansville, IN. Van Halen. Same concert where a friend of my cousin claimed to have witnessed Satan in the smoke above the crowd, an experience that eventually led to his becoming an itinerant evangelical preacher. Thanks, Eddie.

I find it ridiculous that we’ve reached a point at which we need to have these, but in case you witness armed militia members at your polling place (or anywhere, really), here’s your guide: Addressing the Rise of Unlawful Private Paramilitaries: State Fact Sheets

While taking dexamethasone during her cancer treatment, my mother, who once agonized for a week over the purchase of a $3 ornament, told my father she needed to go shopping for new socks to warm her neuropathy-chilled feet. They came home with a brand new car. Just saying.