For years I've looked for a workflow that lets me just write, using whatever device I have handy, and avoids most of the hassle of setting up any kind of server or CMS. In theory, you should be able to give me a text editor, a Markdown renderer, a Git client, and a web browser and I should be good to go for most of my writing needs.

In the past I've used practically every desktop and server-side lightweight CMS system written in PHP, Python, Ruby and JavaScript. Prior to the current incarnation, I used Hugo, which I liked very much. However, I finally decided that I just don't have the time or inclination to worry over every fiddly little bit involved in publishing a modern web page.

So my current tool kit includes:

  • Content written in Markdown, which I use for all my writing. I'm certain there are other lightweight markup forms with more rigor in their definition, but Markdown is everywhere.

  • HTML rendered using RapidWeaver, licensed through SetApp. Currently using the Minalicious theme.

  • Hosted on GitHub Pages.

  • For more ephemeral content, I don't want to have to think too hard and I don't want to keep it all in a silo run by some large company that doesn't want to play nice with thers. So, I use a lot of IndieWeb stuff as implemented in the tools.