Bear in mind, I could be wrong.

That motto, which I often use to close letters and manuscript critiques, comes from my thesis chair at Purdue University's Creative Writing program, William J. Stuckey. Bill would write it at the end of all of his comments on student work, even though he was never wrong in my experience. He mentioned once that he cribbed the disclaimer from the writer Caroline Gordon, so the sentence has a pedigree of sorts. If I were to get a tattoo, it would be this. Probably across my forehead, as a warning to others, or on my hand, as a reminder to myself. Possibly in Latin.

I work in Chicago as the Chief Technology Officer for Public Good Software. I formerly wrote book reviews for Three Guys One Book and have had stories and reviews published in other places. A long time ago, I served as the editor of the literary magazines Sycamore Review, 32 Pages and Rain Crow.


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